2001 Trans Am Review


Even though the market for muscle cars has been dwindling, the Trans Am has some excellent qualities that make it popular. The Trans Am is one of three models of the Pontiac with the other two being the Firebird and Formula. Its powerful engine is something that people are still interested in when they want a high-powered cruiser. The car has both a coupe and a convertible variant.

The Trans Am comes with a removable roof panel, leather seats, six-way driver power adjustment, and the coupe has a special spoiler. The base coupe has a 5.7-liter V8 engine that can come in two variants. One can produce 310 horsepower and the other can make 325 horsepower.

The car has a very good appearance and it is bound to turn more than a few heads. Its long hood and big bulges are particularly appealing to the eye. The Ram air intake has four nostrils, two are located where the hood meets the nose and two are flared. The car has fat exhaust tips which come out of tunnels under the rear bumper and this gives it an appearance like an exotic racing car. The usual Pontiac touches are clearly visible in the Trans Am. One of the common characteristics is the styling of the taillights which are full of hundreds of hexagons that look like a fly’s eyeballs. It also has 17-inch aluminum wheels that can be confused with chrome because they have been polished so well.

The car has other scoops, bulges, flares, and grooves which are traditional for the Pontiac. Behind the front wheels there are some functional louvers which help to release hot air from the engine compartment. In the convertible, the wing is almost a platform that is present throughout the entire rear deck because it starts just behind the side windows. It might also produce down force when the car is moving at high speed.

The interior of the car is more or less designed like that of a racing car. The faraway unseen corners and low seating position makes it difficult to judge how close objects are from the car but this can be improved by adjusting the steering wheel and driver’s position. The top of the convertible surely doesn’t make parallel parking easier because it limits visibility to the rear and the small window at the back doesn’t help matters either. On the positive side, the power top operates very easily.

At the back, the seats provide little leg room which is expected. Visibility from the back is also very limited. In the convertible, the roof gives it 4.2 inches of head room but it also reduces the hip room by 2.2 inches. At the front, the story is very different as the intelligently shaped bucket seats are quite comfortable for long or short drives. The front doors are a little low and they tend to scrape on sidewalks. The steering wheel is small and some people would prefer a bigger one but it can be tilted to suit the driver’s position. All in all, the Trans Am, even though a dinosaur, is still very popular and this is not hard to understand.

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