2011 Honda Ratings

Honda is a company that you can bet on to produce cars that have impressive features at prices that are difficult to beat. 2011 was a good year for the company because they produced several cars that stole the show from competitors. The cars in question include the Accord, CR-V, Civic, and Insight. Let us begin with the compact SUV from Honda.

Honda CR-V

This car is very spacious and the interior is remarkably versatile. The car has adequate cargo space and several other features that make it popular among families. It is hard to find a negative point about the 2011 CR-V. Powered by an engine that produces 180 horsepower, the car can handle many daily tasks without breaking a sweat. The car has good fuel economy since the rear-wheel drive version can go 21/27 miles per gallon in the city and highway respectively. The front-wheel drive version will give you 21/28 mpg.

Honda Accord

This car has been a fan favorite for many years and its high reliability and safety ratings make good selling points for anybody in the market for a midsize sedan. Most people would have a bone to pick with the Accord because it has a smaller trunk. However, what it lacks in cargo space it more than makes up for in cabin size. The cabin is one of the biggest available in its class and it is also quite comfortable. The materials used in the cabin are upscale, the seats provide great support and overall build quality is excellent. The V-6 engine does well on the road and has comfortable smooth availability. The car does well round corners and it has powerful brakes.

Honda Civic

This car is well-rounded and is Honda’s jack of all trades. It also excels at reliability and the gas mileage is among the best in its class. The interior of the car is flush with high quality materials. The base sedan has been stripped of many luxuries and some people might have a bone to pick with the absence of some essential features such as air conditioning. Many features such as Bluetooth, electronic stability control, and USB connectivity are optional in the Civic. Navigation is available in the EX, EX-L and SI trims. The car has less cargo space than its competitors and the cabin is also small – a compromise that seems unnecessary.

Honda Insight

This is one of the cars that Honda has made to drive its foray into the hybrid market. What makes this car stand out is the fact that it has a spacious cabin and a good amount of cargo space. It has best-in-class fuel economy and it is also safe and reliable. The car is powered by a 1.3-liter engine and is driven by an electric motor. Some people might say that the car is underpowered but with a fuel efficiency of 40/43 mpg in the city and highway respectively, the power or lack thereof is properly justified. The cabin is well made and it is easy to use all available features without the need for a manual. The front seats are comfortable and spacious but the back seats have less leg room and head space which might rub some people the wrong way.


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