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2014 Jaguar F-Type Review

Jaguar resurrects its sports car heritage  

Astonishing Car Facts about Safety

Cars have come a long way from when they were just sputtering metal boxes to the speeding metal machines of ingenuity they are now. A lot of things have improved over the centuries such as issues about safety. It’s true …
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Your Safety First (1956) Animated Automotive History

created by the Automobile Manufacturers of America, this short film explores a brief history of the automobile. Special attention is paid to the advances in safety features in the first half of the 20th century. Set in the (then) distant …
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Dubai Police with Lambo, Ferrari, Camaro: fastest cop cars in the world!

On Patrol with Dubai Police Special Car Unite: Amazing shots of the Supercars with specs!

NSW Porsche Panamera Police Car

NSW Police Force get its first Porsche Panamera sedan police car was on display at the Australian International Motor Show 2012 Sydney. It has 300HP! Top speed at 295 km/h! Any robbers/thugs try to get away in your Subaru WRX …
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Joe Isuzu

Joe Isuzu was a fictional spokesman used in a series of television advertisements for Isuzu cars and trucks. Created by the ad agency Della Femina, Travisano, and Partners, the segments aired on American television in 1986-90, reaching their zenith in …
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Mind Blowing Car Facts!!

Today we bring you some more outrageous–maybe even gruesome–car facts! Maybe they’re useless, maybe they’ll save your life!  (Probably not.)  Who cares?  Enjoy! Most Expensive Speeding Ticket and Slowest Car Chase Watch and enjoy

Going the Distance – Surprising Car Facts

What do you do when your car dies out on you for the first time? Most people would get angry at how useless their cars are, with some even going so far as to say, “I’m going to sell my …
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Weird Car and Road Facts from Around the World

There are about billions of cars on the road today, with the number growing exponentially every minute. From the time of its inception, cars have fascinated and intrigued men, becoming much more than a tool to make traveling easier and …
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Free Towing & Cash Paid at Pick-up

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