Classic Car Facts You Probably Didn’t know


Almost everybody loves a classic be it an old song or an iconic movie. Classic cars also get their fair share of attention even though they were built many decades ago. Be that as it may, these cars still manage to put a smile on anyone’s face when some facts about them are brought to light. We shall look at some of the more interesting facts about classic cars. Let’s get straight to this journey through history.

Almost everybody knows about the Rolls Royce. This is one of the oldest car companies in the U.S. These cars have a rich history and as it turns out, an old guy from Springfield, MA, decided to spend a lifetime with his Rolls Royce. Mr. Allen drove his Rolls Royce Roadster for an unbelievable 82 years.

Did you know that mechanics need less than one minute to change all four tires of a formula one car? This sounds like an incredible fete but what will come next will blow your socks off. The next guys went well beyond the simple task of replacing tires. Using a Ford Escort, these guys broke the record for the fastest time for replacing an engine. That’s right; they removed the car’s engine and replaced it with a new one in just 42 seconds. That’s not all. They did all this in November of 1985!

The oldest surviving car in the world was built for Count De Dion of France. This car was built in 1884 and it has been transferred to several people over the years. In 2011, the car was sold for 4.6 million dollars. Although this is not really about the car, it is worth a mention. The infamous Nazi dictator, Adolph Hitler wrote to a Mercedes Benz dealership and begged for a loan to buy a car.

Ever heard of the phrase ‘it’s a doozy’? The origin of this phrase can be traced back to 1920. Dusenberg vehicles were the most luxurious cars at that time and they were commonly referred to as doozies. The phrase was therefore used to refer to something that is very classy. Today it is used to refer to something that is surprisingly big.

Motor racing has been a mainstream sport for decades. The very first circuit designed specifically for motor racing was built in Weybridge, Surrey in 1907.

Traffic lights give drivers a very easy time when there are a lot of cars on the road. The first electric street lights were produced in 1927. These street lights were not automatic like their modern cousins so they required an operator who stood at a booth close by.

The firs car crash took place in 1769. The wrecked car is a relic and it is still preserved in Paris, France. This is at a museum called the Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers.

The origin of street car racing is something quite illegal. The practice was started by traffickers of illegal substances in prohibition-era America. The actual commodity that was being transported was moonshine which was a prohibited alcoholic drink. Drivers often modified stock vehicles so as to outrun the police.

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