5 Funny Car Facts


Due to our brains being in a constant state of information overload, we tend to stash trivial facts far away in the recesses of our memories. As a result of this unfortunate but necessary behavior, we may sometimes find ourselves in need of relaxation. During this time, the only thing that feels right is letting go of all serious business and delve into the trivial things in life. A great idea for car lovers is to think about these funny facts about cars whenever they feel the need to unwind.

To start this unbelievable list, let us think about speeding fines. These are quite common in the U.S. and they are usually not too hefty. Crossing over to Switzerland, we find ourselves stack in the middle of one of the worst places to pick up a speeding ticket. This is because in Switzerland, the amount of your speeding fine is calculated based on the speed you are travelling and your income. The biggest speeding fine was slapped on a guy who was caught doing 180 mph in Switzerland. He was fined $1 million for going well over the speed limit!

Anybody ever heard of the Smart Car? This is one of the smallest motor vehicles in the world and it is so small that it can easily and conveniently be parked in any kind of parking space. The car is less than 8 feet long hence it’s easy maneuverability. The capacity of the cabin surprises many people. Although the car looks very small, a group of 19 Pakistanis managed to fit in the car in 2010 which is incredible if you look at the size of the car.

Recycling is a modern way of undoing the harm that we have done to the world. Today almost anything can be recycled and to make a guess, you would probably think that something like paper is the most recycled thing on earth. This is where the car astonishes yet again because it is, by far, the most recycled consumer product. Makes you wonder where all the milk cartons go.

Almost everybody likes to sing even if they are not blessed with the smooth and silky voice of jazz singers or the unique rasp of rock and roll artists. A long drive might make singers out of even the most timid people when encouraged by a tune playing on the stereo. More than 90% of car owners admit that they sing while driving. The other 10% probably lied about singing in the car.

Now that we have mentioned singing and car radios, let us go back in time to when radios were introduced in motor vehicles. Paul Gavin invented the car radio back in 1929. The radio was quite rudimentary with extremely limited functionality. It was however better than nothing to keep drivers from getting bored behind the steering wheel. This little technological advancement took decades after the first car was sold – it must have been very boring to drive a car for those few years.

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