Wacky Facts about Cars


We have all come across many interesting facts about the earth, solar system, animals, plants, technology, and people. In this article, we shall deal with some funny facts about cars. For instance, there are more than 6 drivers in California who have driver’s licenses registered under the name Jesus Christ. Way to book a first class ticket to the eternal flames of you-know-where!

Men have always had a soft spot for cars and they are often a man’s favorite toy. You would assume that every feature of cars was invented by men, right? Wrong! Windshield wipers were invented by a woman.

For many years now, a Ferrari has been one of the ultimate driver’s cars thanks to the company’s constant innovation and production of high performance machines. Even with the excruciating amount of detail that has to be added to each Ferrari, the company makes 14 cars every day from start to finish.

We often consider modern day luxury vehicles and hypercars to be insanely expensive. There are some cars today that are worth several million dollars. However, the most expensive car sold in the history of cars is the Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe from 1931. The car fetched a handsome $8.7 million at an auction – that was way back in 1987. The modern day equivalent is $17.6 million which beats the most expensive car in the world, the Lamborghini Veneno, which goes for $3.9 million.

When you hear someone mentioning a limousine, your mind would probably jump to a stretch Lincoln town car. However, limousines vary quite a bit in terms of specification and almost any stretch vehicle can count as a limousine. The heaviest limo weights a massive 50,560 pounds. It is dubbed the ‘Midnight Rider’ and has three lounges, a separate bar, and houses up to 40 people.

Airbags are arguably the most important safety invention in the motoring world. They save many lives all over the world but they also have a dark side. For every 22 people saved by airbags, one person is killed. Of course these odds are very acceptable and nobody would want to be involved in a collision without having airbags in the car.

Cleaning a car regularly has its advantages; however, only 53% of car owners wash their cars at least once per month. Surprisingly 16% of the people who own cars never wash them at all!

In Shanghai, China, red cars are prohibited by the government.

Deer hunting season poses the greatest risk to deer population in America, Right? Wrong again! More deer are killed by drivers than by hunters.

Cars are getting faster every day but in some cities; the average speed of cars on the streets are reducing and not as a result of speed limits being imposed. In the city of Los Angeles, for instance, the average speed of drivers was 60 mph back in 1972. Ten years later average speed had reduced to a measly 17 mph! This must have been as a result of the massive traffic jams as the city grew at unprecedented rates, overwhelming every single infrastructure. It’s much better now so don’t be afraid to drive in LA.

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